Tips and tricks of the castle

Today, many people are big fans of Castle Hastell and we are no exception. The game is very popular on Android and iPhone. We are lovers of the game and we have been playing for over two years. However, we understand that we are spending a lot of money on gambling. The diamonds at Hastel Castle are ending quickly and are very expensive. It may seem cheap and the cheapest package costs only a few dollars. However, all these small purchases add up. In order to reduce our costs while continuing to be competitive, we decided to try to find the crooks in Castle Hastell.

We started looking for Google and while many sites claimed to have tips or hackers for Hustle Castle Cheats, none really worked. They usually have a neat website with a “generator”. They say you just need to enter your username and indicate the number of resources you want to add to your account. We follow all their steps, but in the end we left empty handed.

If you are looking for tips or tricks for Hustle Castle, you may end up with the same problem.

Castle and Taptapgaming Castle
Is there a trick or trick that works in Castle Hastell?
Feel free to try it yourself if you do not believe us, but you end up wasting your time, like us. We tried more than a dozen of these alleged failures or fraudsters, but none delivered the promised diamonds.

All have a very convincing design. Some of them have false video evidence that Tricks and Hacks work, but make no mistake. It’s easier than you think to create false evidence. Most people simply used hacked apk to create their own video proof and reproduce it as legal.

These sites only exist to convince you to fill out the questionnaire or, as they call it: human verification. After completing your human test, site operators make money without getting anything in return!

But do not despair, because these tips and breakthroughs just do not work, it does not mean that there is no way to get diamonds legally at Castle Hastell.

How to get a diamond legally
As we mentioned before, we were in the same situation as you. We were passionate about adult play, but our diamonds ran out quickly. We had to spend a lot of money on diamonds to keep pace with other players. This is what drives us to look for traps and to be completely disappointed.

However, we have not lost hope. We continued our search for free diamonds and found several ways to give you free diamonds at Hastell Castle. It took several hours of research on the Internet to find these methods. Then we decided to create a tutorial on the best ways to get free diamonds to Castle Hastell.

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